Paper flowers for decoration

Just with a few simple materials together with the dexterity, you will have a beautiful vase to decorating for your home. Paper Roses Materials need to be prepared: Colored napkin Scissors, thread, tape, dry twigs look like the normal rose stems. 1 ballpoint pen Making method : Step 1. Cut the tissue paper into long… Continue reading »

Tips for tiding houses

 New Year approaching, I will recommend housewives some tips for cleaning the house just fastly, and effectively. – Wiping cloth salon: For salon with velvet or fabric upholstery, you can dilute the alcohol and then brushing a turn, then using dryers to dry. If the surface salon is with juice stains, you can mix a… Continue reading »

Safari style with guns

With the unique, dramatic characteristics, safari home decor style is really suitable for nature lovers and those who has generous and strong personality. Safari theme symbolizes the strong and wild, it help us to look back on the journey through strange lands in Africa with tropical forests, desert sunburn and wild animals. Some notes when… Continue reading »

Football and fun facts, might you do not know

Among sports, football is the hottest most attractive game which we cannot deny. The truth is that it is so popular that nobody does not know it, for it is people’s game. It is amazing to everyone, football has a pretty interesting history. According to William FitzStephen, the first football match was described in England… Continue reading »


Football, or knew as the king of games, is the most favorite sport in the whole world. It becomes a spiritual food to human and has a special attack to them from male to female, from younger to elder and so on. Besides watching football match for entertainment, playing football is believed to be a… Continue reading »