Paper flowers for decoration

By   January 2, 2015

Just with a few simple materials together with the dexterity, you will have a beautiful vase to decorating for your home.

  1. Paper Roses

Materials need to be prepared:

Colored napkin

Scissors, thread, tape, dry twigs look like the normal rose stems.

1 ballpoint pen

Making method :

Step 1. Cut the tissue paper into long strips with width of 10 cm 2 range, crumple paper and then wrapped around the body of the or with an object has small round.

Step 2. Use the vertical force of holography to produce wrinkled petals and soft for paper

Step 3. Gently remove the ribbon, and then use scissors to cut the most wrinkled head (top side in the same paper). Cutting corners to make the first round petals

Step 4. After cutting corners rounded sides, fix wing and body length so we have a single petal.

Step 5. Chassis scrap of paper that has been cut out to form a circle pistil, leave that paper in one bigger sheet so we would have twisted the pistil.

Step 6. Place the pistil on 1 side and curled

Step 7. After the first roll off, we begin to roll off the second, noting gentle roll. Roll with relaxed hand by folding seats cup rolled to produce flowers bloom spread the ninth wings . Roll nearly completely the second then rank the 3rd in the form of staggered stack up next to scroll until you see the flowers as big as you want it to stop

Step 8. After you have the desired size, using thread to wrap the pedicle then knot again, and we have a complete flower.

  1. Tulips paper

You need to prepare the following materials:

– Multi-colored paper

– The green acrylic color

– The glass, pots, small bamboo stick tip

– Scissors, glue milk, Glue Guns

Step 1:

Print the patterns model on the petals and leaves and cut paper templates. Note: for petals and leaves as a template, you should use cardboard for easier.

Step 2:

Place the template of petal on violet paper to form and cut, so do you need 4 same tulip petals .

Place the leaf pattern on blue paper thoroughly and cut form, using all ink ballpoint pen drawing lines between the leaf veins.

Step 3:

Fold 4 double tulip petal in two and paste 2 fold half of the petals off the first with the second and the third and the forth, and hold the glue dry. Get the blue brush to cover the circle stick to dry.

Place the tip of the rod into the slot between two petals first and second coupling paste fixed by glue gun, followed by grafting paste. Then paste two leaves below the branches of two opposite directions. A Tulip completes. Now you put the tulips in a square glass to decorate your desk, or table in the living room, it is simple but very impressive.

By some simple steps, you have a beautiful flower vase for your house with the very cheap cost.

Tips for tiding houses

By   December 19, 2014

 New Year approaching, I will recommend housewives some tips for cleaning the house just fastly, and effectively.

– Wiping cloth salon: For salon with velvet or fabric upholstery, you can dilute the alcohol and then brushing a turn, then using dryers to dry. If the surface salon is with juice stains, you can mix a spoonful of baking soda with water to clean, stain can be reduced.

– Cleaning the refrigerator shell: Shell of refrigerator often have stains, you can use a soft cloth and a little toothpaste to clean.

– Cleaning woodwork: Take a clean cloth and put in fresh milk used to clean the wooden household furniture, then use water to clean again.

– Cleaning the kitchen table: Cut the beets into slices to coordinate with water to clean the kitchen table. You can also use cucumber or carrot to replace radish in this.

– Carpet Cleaning: Families with young children often spilled food or liquid on the carpet. You can use cloth or dry cloth to clean the liquid smoke, then sprinkle salt on top to suck all the dirt, then use a vacuum cleaner to suck the salt. Finally, brushing back a turn for carpet smoothness.

– Unless stains gum: Chewing gum stick to carpet difficult to remove, use a small plastic bag of ice wrapped placed on top, about 30 minutes later, when candy has hardened, you use your hands or brush gently pull the pulp candy. – Limit the stains in the kitchen: You can use plastic food wrap to a wall near the kitchen set. Due to the characteristics during the paste on the wall should be no feeling of eye problems. Once more sticky grease stains on your shot just gently remove it and replace it with a second plastic layer is up. This is a measure of both modest savings time housewives.

– Refresh wooden furniture: For wooden furniture, you may be a little bit of wax on the surface and then use a soft cloth to clean. If you detect surface cracks, apply a layer of oil on top of the fish, after a day of wet towels to clean. In addition, you can also use salt water to clean the room rotted wood and longevity for furniture

– Cleaning the refrigerator: If your refrigerator has odor, just put in the refrigerator or sliced lemon slices of toast. We will work very good deodorant.

When cleaning the refrigerator can use a toothbrush to scrub the stain in the corner posts or interstitial small refrigerator.

– Cleaning cups: For the dishwasher becomes easier, add vinegar to the water a few tablespoons of dishwashing liquid. Vinegar will clean the grease faster, while making the dishes look bright and clean with greater stability you can use lemon vinega for replacement that has the same effect.

– Cleaning mirror: You can use potato slice thickness and rubbing up the mirror, then use crumpled newspaper and wipe again, you’ll see a shiny mirror.

– Clean the microwave: Use a small cup (kind of heat-resistant bowl), mix water with about one tablespoon of vinegar placed in the oven. Adjust the temperature of the hot medium, for about 5 minutes. Inside the microwave prone to food residue, mix vinegar water will evaporate into the oven and peel the dried stain. You can replace the vinegar with lemon juice, lemon flavor when heated will create pleasant fragrance, deodorant long food in the oven.

– Cleaning stainless steel furniture: To remove dirt sticking on stainless steel furniture, simply use a soft cloth soaked in lemon juice or vinegar, wipe thoroughly burnt spot or stain in a circular motion, the pot will shine like new.

Safari style with guns

By   December 18, 2014

With the unique, dramatic characteristics, safari home decor style is really suitable for nature lovers and those who has generous and strong personality.

Safari theme symbolizes the strong and wild, it help us to look back on the journey through strange lands in Africa with tropical forests, desert sunburn and wild animals.

  • Some notes when you decorate home with safari style:

Colors: You can choose the color of sand or sunset forest land as brown, yellow sand, black ebony stone. It is also possible to use neutral colors, naturally. Brown, black, white and gray seem to bring strong, warm bass and slightly mysterious.

Motifs: It is colored motifs with local culture, African natives, images of nature, wildlife, pattern inspired leather zebra, leopard, giraffe …

Design: After the tour, you take things that are natural, rustic, wilderness? Please requisition immediately. You should also select objects with strong design.

.Material: faux, hard wood, iron, ceramic wood, metal and velvet.

  • Application in decorating your living space

Safari style is not difficult to apply in modern living space. Just press a little vignettes related to wildlife. Avoid too much detail because safari will make the house look messy and cumbersome.

The highlight for the living room carpet can be a feather, fur pillows motifs, curtains or upholstery leopard prints, paintings hanging animals, vases, statues and decorative animal-shaped lights.

In the bathroom, you use a combination of neutral palette and natural materials such as stone, wood and metal to create a relaxing space. Safari theme expressed in the floor mat zebra prints or paintings of animals on the walls.

You can use some of the furniture in the room next to bring a feeling of closeness with wildlife safari style.

1. Use wooden furniture

Wood which brings natural beauty and elegance so you are not too anxious to choose colors for the living room furniture. Usually, people still choose the dark brown or pale with very natural wood that is stored on the product. The wood forms different patterns from different types of wood.

On the market now exists many types of wood. Common industrial wood such as MDF, MFC is imported from Malaysia, Germany are assured of quality. Or natural woods such as oak, teak wood … .. If you need a timber for long-term use of natural wood, it is probably the best choice. With solid, durable and water and natural beauty with high aesthetics are great advantages of this type of wood.

Select TV shelves and decorating selves for furniture in the living room

Televisions are indispensable items in the living room and shelves attached to it too. First , you should note the size of the TV and lounge area to choose living room furniture you offline.

If your living room is relatively large, you can select the TV shelf with large size that is designed to fit the TV shelf and used for both decorative shelf bookcase. It is useful, intelligent but not least modern.

The shelves fit neatly with simple design will be selected for small space living room, and is beautiful, big enough to put the TV and also unique enough to make dotted the room. You can select the TV shelf as the highlight of the room by creating the impression it with striking colors based on such a light wall.

2. Using leather interior with animal motifs

Conceived 60 years, designing style using animal skin textures gradually asserted effectively bring fancy but not less luxurious.

Animal skin textures home help create dramatic looks pristine and catch trends closer to nature.

Interior decorations crafted inspired tiger, leopard, snake skin, zebra skin, … combined with materials of bamboo, wood, metal really impress visually without any entitled to balance the ecosystem. Unique and impressive nimal skin textures regarded as the original should have been chosen carefully. You should focus on some important point but not the whole space

For example, in the bedroom , you can use the leather interior for bed or the light, in the living room it can be sofa, in the bathroom it can be wall tiles, wallpaper, or use the motifs associated with the wall color …, depending on the preferences and tastes of the owner.

3. Use shotguns

One more attracting point for your living room is a wall-mounted shotguns. With a variety of designs and models, you’ll be free to choose the appropriate type preferences and architectural space of the house. The space of the house will become extremely special, powerful and wild but equally solemn. A wall with shotguns will be partly showing the strong personality of the owner and integrate well with the other furniture. Some antique gun model that you can use in your home space according to gamo silent cat review as Model 1891 rifle Mosin-Nagants early or Mosin-Nagant M38 Carbine life . This M-52 sniper rifle of Mosin Nagant Hungary-based sample and has gun length entire 1,533m (including bayonet), weighing 4.0 kg or less. Or else, shotgun is also a good choice with the old shapes and style. Its length is about 157cm and weight is about 3.5.

It seems a great idea to bring the nature into your house to create the unique and attractive space to differentiate from yours and others. However, you should notice the combination of the furniture to make the space harmonious but not too crowded with items. Besides, you can also take use of the old items in your house to save money.


By   December 11, 2014

Football is the favorite sport of many people, from the young to the old and from boys to girls. However, when starting out, there are only a few people that can play football well, the rest have to go through training and practice. So how can you train to be better at football? These tips in the following article will show you how.

  • Choose a position that fits for you:

As we all know, football has a lot of different positions: attackers, defenders, a goal keeper… and it is impossible for you to play well at every position. At a position, you can find yourself shine and help the team whereas at the other position, the opposite can happen. So it is very important for you to pick out a position you feel that you can shine the most in it and practice for it only. Do not practice for all positions because if that happens, you will be no good at any position and the enemy team can easily crush you. Let other team members cover other positions for you.

  • Learn to communicate with your team

Football is a team sport and only with the combined effort of the whole team that can lead to victory. Therefore, it is important to communicate with your team in order for the whole team being in sync with each other. With great co-ordination, the chance of your team winning will be increase dramatically.

  • Running as a daily basis:

One of the greatest cardiovascular workouts is running. In order to keep your health in check, you can start to run daily. The recommended length is around 3 km to 5 km. To make the best out of this exercise, it is advisable for you to run up the hill as much as you can to strengthen the muscle of your legs as well as building up your stamina. How to do this? Run on normal road for the first few kilometers of your course, then at the remaining 1 kilometer, find a steep hill and run up and down. If you are patience and doing this every day, you will be surprise at how long you can play at your best. The result will no doubt benefit your football ability.

  • Exercising on a daily basis to increase your speed

The best exercise to improve your speed is running. Standing on some drop places that are 150 cm in height or standing on a barrel of some sorts with similar height, you start to jump down the ground. After that, you must stand up as quickly as you can and repeat the steps above. To prevent injury from happening during practicing this exercise, you should warm up and stretch properly. If you do this exercise patiently, you leg muscles will gradually increase their reflex and in turn increase your speed on the field. And I guess you already know how important speed is in football, huh?

  • Study how to use both feet when playing

Normally, football players tend to use their strong foot when playing and scoring goal. That is not wrong, but you do not usually get the advantageous place for using your strong foot when playing football.  In addition, there is a saying that: “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”, so it is very important to practice using both feed in order to improve your performance when playing football. The most efficient way to do this is kicking a ball against the wall with your less used foot. Moreover, you can hold a small match that only allows players to use their weak feet. By focusing on improving your weak foot, your performance will be improved greatly and significantly without putting in too much effort.  The result will reveal itself soon enough if you keep practicing.


  • Discover a new trick for your play

As a football player, we bet that you also watch a lot of matches on TV and on the Internet, right? If your answer is yes, then you have just discovered a new way to learn and study up in order to improve your performance in football. The football players on TV always discover and use new and different types of tricks, and you can copy those and make them your own. With the help of the Internet (Youtube, hello?), play the clip that contains the trick that you like and watch it carefully. Pause and rewind as much as you want, until you get how the trick works. After that, you should start practicing until you can use this trick effectively before using it in actual football match. Finally, change your trick throughout a game so that your opponents can figure out how to counter your trick.

  • Set your mindset that you can be better

In order to improve and develop yourself, not only do you need to practice every day, you also need to have the mindset that you will be better at football. You have to trust that you will become a great football player so that when the physical work becomes too demanding and tiresome, you will have the will to move on and keep yourself on track.

  • Tactical analysis is very important as well

When you are on the field, it is advisable for you to foresee and analyze your opponents’ positions and strength. This action plays an important and vital role in winning the game or put yourself and your team into an advantageous place.

Above are some tips and tricks we have gathered for you to apply and practice so that you can become a better football players.  We hope you enjoy what you have read and find them helpful for your football experience. They are all very simple tips that you can easily follow. Thank you for reading and if you like what you read, do not forget to share. See you!


By   December 9, 2014

You have finally made your dream come true: You made your way into your favorite team at last by training and practicing your ass off. However, this is not the time to celebrate yet. You have to remember that your admission is just a start of a new difficult journey ahead. Your mission now is to prove the one who support you have made the right decision, and the one who do not support wrong. You have to make a first good impression and the list of tips following will show you how.

  • Remember to smile

On the first day with the team, you should not put on the “cool” face, because not only will it make people stay away from you, it will also make people think you are an arrogant person (which is not good for a first impression, or any impression at all). On the other hand, if you try smiling, things are going to be different. You just need a smile to make the perfect impression with your team and make everyone feel comfortable around you. When everyone feels that you are an approachable person, it is going to be super easy to make friends as well as learn how the team usually functions. In addition, by appearing that you are approachable, when you make a mistake, your team mates will feel much more comfortable to correct you which in turn will improve your performance. To put it in a nutshell, you need to remember to smile as much as you can to get along with others, improve your playing and prevent you from being kicked out of the team.

  • Learn to listen

No one like a person who only talks and do not listen. There is a reason for you having two ears and a mouth. It was to listen to people more and you talk less. By listening to other more, you will find that people will approach you and be friendlier to you. It will make you fit in the team quicker and easier. Moreover, listening to other people is the way you show them that you respect and value them. And you have to listen to get valuable advices which can help you, right?

  • Feel confident about yourself

Lack of confidence is one of the most popular reasons that can make you have more difficulties fitting in the team. In addition, the lack of confidence will have negative impact on your general performance because it makes you doubt your ability and not focus. A lot of questions will start appearing in your head which will turn into a giant amount of obstacles that block your way to success. The others will start to doubt your ability as well and sooner or later you will be kicked out of the team if this problem persists. You are not alone when it comes to find it hard to believe in yourself. Many talented and great people all over the world have already gone through and experience that. They all used to doubt their potential. However, you must keep in mind that you have passed thousands of people to get into your team, so there must be a reason. The coach and the employers must have seen something in you that they believe will grow into an amazing thing so you ought to have more faith into yourself. Keep practicing and one day you will make it far.

  • Do not take sides in a conflict

We are human. It is normal that sometimes we do not agree with each other. And a football team is no exception. When you first step into a team, it is possible that there is a conflict that is happening in the team. The conflict may not be visible immediately but you are not here to be a mediator. Do everything in your power to get along with every members of the team and do not taking sides because you are new and you do not know anything about what has happened. In addition, you need to refrain from spending too much time with one side of the conflict because people may see it as you have taken a side.  You should not criticize unnecessarily as well because it may cause misunderstanding. Gossiping is another thing to avoid since it can hurt you in the future later. In conclusion, you need to remember one thing: standing on the side does not mean that you are a coward. It only means that you are wise enough not to participate in an argument that you do not know anything about as well as do not know about its origin.

  • Arrogance is a big NO NO

When you join a team, your current ability can be far superior to your team mates and you become the one for them to look up to. However, never let that get into your head and become arrogant, rude and disrespectful. You need to remember one thing: This is a team sport, and without your team, you are absolutely nothing even when you have the best skills on the world. Being arrogant only makes people stay away from you and sooner or later arrogance will prevent you from getting better in your performance. Remember to always stay humble, do not become an arrogant person and if possible, help your team mates become better in their playing

  • Refrain from laziness

You get into the team, but that does not mean you are allow yourself to relax and do not practice. You need to prove to your team mates, as well as everyone around you, that you are worth the place that you have been selected to be in. Keep setting challenges to yourself and become better and better every day.

Above are some of the tips that you can use on your first day with your team. I hope you find them useful and thank you for reading.

Football and fun facts, might you do not know

By   December 6, 2014

Among sports, football is the hottest most attractive game which we cannot deny. The truth is that it is so popular that nobody does not know it, for it is people’s game. It is amazing to everyone, football has a pretty interesting history. According to William FitzStephen, the first football match was described in England as early as 1170 when he had a visit to London. He founded out that “after dinner all the youths of the city goes out into the fields for the very popular game of ball”. Another sources, however, believed that football originated generally in China around the second and third century BC and called Tsu’ Chu (from military document). At that time, they tried to put a leather ball into a small bamboo net and hindered the attack. No matter how the fact is that, football still has a long history and gains a plenty of concerns of people.

Here are some fun facts that we could not know about the king sport – football, let’s discover:

  • Until the 1800s, football started becoming popular in America, via growing out rugby, soccer- sports of England.
  • According to statics, in each match, players have to run approximately 10 kilometers.
  • Walter Camp is believed the “Father of American Football” and the first one who introduced the football rules for America, while the London Football Association made the first set of rules for football in 1863.
  • From 1913, the goalies had just worn the same colored T-shirt as their teammates.

  • The first football match was live broadcast on TV in 1937.
  • Unfortunately, a whole football team was killed by lightening when playing in1998. This was a match between the villages, Bena Tshadi and Basangana in Congo.
  • Arthur Wharton was known as the first non-white international football player in the world. He was a famous person in Victoria era with caps for Scotland three times.
  • In the FA Cup, there were only three football teams wining the match without conceding. Those teams were the Wanderers, next Preston North End and final Burry won in 1873, 1889, and 1903 respectively.
  • The world cup taking place in 1950, the Indian team was not allowed the match because of their barefoot.
  • Pakistan is the country that produces more than 4/5 balls for world’s football.
  • While Brazil is nation won 5 times the World Cups-the largest number until now.

  • We have to wait 4 years to enjoy the World Cups.
  • When Ronaldinho was 13 years old, he scored 23 goals in a match and helped his team reach an absolute victory.
  • The Legendary football – Pele became the youngest player won the gold cup at 17 years. For Ronaldo, a Brazin stricker, kept himself the record for goals at the World Cup’s with 15 goals.
  • Dino Zoff, the former goalkeeper of Italia was the oldest player lifted the trophy when he was 40 years old.
  • Calculating to the 18th World Cup, both European and South American countries have had 9 titles for each. There is no continent that gains a world champion.
  • Player named Bert Patenaude from United State team was the first person scored a hat-trick in the 1930 World Cup.
  • There were two World Cup finals must use penalties to decide the winner. The first was the match between Brazil and Italy in 1994. The second one, after 20 years, was when Italy against France.


  • The World Cup was not held in 1942 and 1946 because the World War happened at that time.





By   December 3, 2014

Football is one of the most popular sports of the world, and it is out of the question that the amount of fans of this sport is gigantic. This provides an excellent opportunity for selling merchandising or tickets for the teams. In addition, some argue that the best way to enjoy a football game is to appear right at the scene and emerge yourself with the cheer of fans from every corner of the world.

However, with the current economic situation, is it a wise way to enjoy a football match? The teams keep increase their tickets and it become more and more unreasonable. And the tickets price is not the only thing to be overcharged. The merchandise is in the same situation. A fan shirt can cost as much as over 100 pounds. And yet, nothing is changed. The game is still the same. The experience is still the same. Only the price to enjoy a match at the stadium keeps increasing.

Therefore, watching a game at home becomes a different solution for a fan. Going to a match is probably the best way to support your favorite team, but is staying at home and watching TV the same. By watching the game on TV, the rating raises, and the advertising salary for your team will increase as well. It is a great way to support your team if you do not have the financial backup to go to an actual game.

College football is in the same situation. They just keep charging the price for students to attend to game. However, they do not have to pay professional players like famous and popular teams do. So why the price just keep increasing?

With all these things are happening around us, a question has appeared: For an average fan, what should we do to enjoy our favorite match and support our team?

Now, going to the game does make the experience more real, but you have to think carefully before making purchase of the ticket.

  • Being on the scene means it will be much more difficult for you to catch up with what are happening on the field. For example, it is difficult for you to know in detail the injury or timeout, etc… On the other hand, watching on the TV keep you informed on what is happening on the field.
  • And then we have the parking lot war. Going to the game means you have to leave home one or two hours early in order to get a proper parking place. There are hundreds or even thousands fans will come to the game and there are simply not enough parking places for every single person. You have to hurry so as to get a place. So why do you need to work a sweat when you can enjoy the match at home comfortably.

  • Do not forget about the fan. There are a lot of different football fans, but not all of them are friendly. Some will get drunk, some are hooligans, some are just plain childish. Fights might occur and you do not want to get involve. A football game is not exactly a friendly environment like your house.

In conclusion, if you want to support your favorite team, there are a lot of ways to do it. Going to the match is one way, but you can also stay at home and enjoy it through your TV screen. Not going to the match does not show the lack of support for your team, it just shows that you are wise enough to get what you pay for.


By   December 1, 2014

Football, or knew as the king of games, is the most favorite sport in the whole world. It becomes a spiritual food to human and has a special attack to them from male to female, from younger to elder and so on. Besides watching football match for entertainment, playing football is believed to be a good activity could bring numerous amazing benefits to everyone. Here are several useful things we can get from this idea sport.

  • Promote the health

 Like another outdoor sports, when taking part in a football match, you are required to use a lot of energy. For example, to keep up with other players’ as well as the ball’s speed, you must run not only as fast as possible, but also continuously. This means that your body, especially your foots, has to operate relentlessly during the match (apart from ten-minute break between two rounds). Thus, if you can generate a regular fitness habit, you would become more healthy, lean and muscular. Moreover, playing this game is also good for your cardiovascular system, respiratory system by reducing cholesterol levels, high-blood pressure, or fostering weight loss.


  • Widen social network, skills.

 When participating a football club, we can make friends with other players such as our teammates, members of the other teams. Football is one of the sports which require the high team spirit along with sense of unity; through competitive game, players forge teamwork, cooperation, communication skills together. Furthermore, we could gain some certain benefits in life from it as goal setting, leadership. Obviously, the wrap party after each match is an essential opportunity for team members to develop friendship and discover the great value of it as sharing hobbies, work, life, common concerns…

  • Have a positive impact on psychology

 It is argued that playing game help people overcome the shyness, cope with disappointment, so they can build their self-confidence and avoid depression. Interaction with social will become easier for them. On the other hand, during the match, players must have a highly concentration and quick thinking to catch the fast speed of the game. Creational properties are one of the remarkable advantages in which we could relax and refresh our mind after tense time study, work.

 These things mentioned above are positive effects that playing football could bring to us. For a kind of aerobic sport like football, strength of body is a necessary element, but mental aspect is also important for each player.